Boston Children’s Museum and Making

Parts and Crafts smWhy is Boston Children’s Museum hosting the Boston Mini Maker Faire, you may ask? Well, we’re glad you did. Boston Children’s Museum, it turns out, has been at the forefront of “making” with adults and children for decades. Making is in the Museum’s DNA. As the first museum anywhere in the world with exhibits visitors could touch, Boston Children’s Museum revolutionized the traditional museum experience by introducing the “hands-on” museum in the early 1960s. The pioneering work of countless educators at Boston Children’s Museum since then has always centered on empowering families to be creative and find personal connections to that creativity. Staff at the Museum have been designing programs, kits, curricula, and exhibits that get kids and their grownups making things together for over 50 years, and hosting Boston’s first ever Maker Faire is a natural extension to that long history.

Parts and Crafts 2 smThe Museum is highly invested in introducing children to the possibilities that lie before them. The Boston Mini Maker Faire will be a sort of marketplace of possibilities, where both children AND adults will be exposed to the amazing, the ingenious, and the captivating; where kids and grown ups can shop around for creative endeavors they may not have thought possible. Children will find that future self they can aspire to, whether it be an artist, engineer, hobbyist or world-changing inventor of marvelous things. Adults will find inspiration to spark their own creativity. And parents will see their kids in a new light, as they try, test, and stretch their minds in new and exciting directions. And most of all – it will be a whole lot of fun. Fun, you see, is Boston Children’s Museum’s specialty.



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