Make Some Friends.
Make Some Memories.
Make Something Wonderful.

Meet the teams and machines from ABC’s Battlebots. Say hello to R2D2 and BB8. Explore Japanese weaving and woodworking. See 3D printers in action. And most of all, come make something amazing yourself! With 80 Makers and performers at the Boston Mini Maker Faire, you are sure to find a world of inspiration and wonder. Boston’s first official Maker Faire will take place on Fort Point Channel, in front of Boston Children’s Museum, on July 23, 2016. This beautiful location, right at the intersection of Boston’s Innovation District and the Fort Point Arts community, will welcome makers, inventors, artists, designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists, tinkerers, and all sorts of interesting people who will share their passion, their process, and their products. Boston Mini Maker Faire celebrates the things people create themselves, and the makers who create them – from the newest technologies and gizmos, to woodworking, sculptures and food. Come join this all-ages celebration of creativity in all its forms, get inspired to ignite your own ingenuity, and see some amazing things you might have never thought possible.

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