Boston Mini Maker Faire Call for Makers is Open!

Boston’s FIRST Maker Faire Date
: July 23, 2016

Location: Smack dab in the middle of the Innovation District, adjacent to Boston Children’s Museum.grand-rapids-mini-maker-faire_24507251392_o

Are you a maker? Yes you are! Won’t you join our Faire? The Call for Makers for the 2016 Boston Mini Maker Faire is open from March 17, 2016 until 11:59 pm, May 13, 2016. Click the “Makers Apply Here” button above to be whisked away to our Call for Makers form.

Tips for Your Application:

As you prepare to apply for the Call for Makers, the team has compiled a short list of tips to help!

  • Read EVERYTHING! All the information is extremely important, so please, read everything! It will keep both you and us informed, and isn’t that nice?
  • Be as descriptive as possible about your project. You’re awesome! Don’t short change yourself.
  • Double check and triple check your spelling! Especially your e-mail address.
  • Have a few good photos, or video content ready, and provide them with your application.
  • Think about who your Booth Assistants will be.
  • Ask questions; if you are unsure about something, contact us at The Team will be happy to assist you.

Maker Faire Detroit 2015











Entry Form Types 

FREE! Individuals, groups, schools and organizations that would like to demonstrate what they make and/or how it works in an exhibit space (interactive exhibits encouraged) – there is no booth charge for this category of Maker. Young Makers (ages 18 and below) will need an adult parent/guardian present. There is a section on the form for their information. Parents/guardians must be listed as a Booth Assistant. A traditional Maker is a hobbyist, their projects are not a full-time job, a business or a main source of income. If your project is a full-time job, a business, or your main source of income, you should select the start-up, company, or commercial maker category.

Commercial Maker
Individuals who would like to sell or market products, preferably along with a demonstration of what they make, and how they make it, at their Maker Faire exhibit. We are offering a small number of slots to commercial makers who feel they cannot afford the Commercial Maker exhibit fee – please see the Call for Makers form for information.

Company with 3-10 employees and less than 5 years old.

Commercial enterprises larger and more established than a Startup.

Non-Profit and Cause or Mission Based Association, Institution and Organization
As the title implies, this category is reserved for our non-profit and other mission-based friends.

Workshop or Performer
If you are a performer, please let us know what kind of space you would need, and be as clear as possible when describing your performance. If you are interested in running a workshop, please let us know how many people each workshop would accommodate, how long it would last, and how many you could do.

Entry Information
We welcome and encourage all types of Makers to apply. We particularly encourage exhibits that are interactive and that highlight the process of making things. Below is a SHORT list of the kinds of makers that present at Maker Faires all around the world…if your flavor of making is not on this list, even better – blaze a trail and join us in Boston!:

  • 3D Printers and CNC Mills
  • Arduino and Raspberry Pi Groups
  • Artisans and Artists (large and small scale)
  • Beekeepers
  • Beer Brewers
  • Bicycle Repair Groups
  • Biohackers
  • Blacksmithers
  • Carpenters and Woodworkers
  • Catapult Groups
  • Circuit Bending
  • Comic Book Artists
  • Computer Animators
  • Crafters
  • Crocheters
  • Doll Makers
  • Drone Enthusiasts
  • Electric Car Builders
  • Electronic Musicians
  • Environmental Kids Groups
  • Filmmakers
  • Fiber Artists
  • Fixers
  • Food makers (not concessionaires)
  • Glass Blowers
  • Homesteaders
  • Instrument Makers and Hackers
  • Interactive Artists
  • Jewelry Makers
  • Jug Bands
  • Jugglers
  • Kite Makers
  • Model Railroad Clubs
  • Molecular Gastronomists
  • Origami Artists
  • Paper Airplane Makers
  • Puppets, Kites, and Other Whimsical Creations
  • Robotics
  • Soapbox Derby Builders
  • Soapmakers
  • Solar Car Builders
  • Student Projects
  • Tiny House Enthusiasts
  • Unusual Tools or Machines
  • Vintage Computers and Game Systems
  • Weavers and Spinners

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