Meet the Maker: Einstein’s Workshop

The Boston Mini Maker Faire will welcome makers, artists, and hosts of other amazing, creative people, all of whom will share with visitors to the Faire their work and their methods. Meet one of our fantastic makers this year – Henry Houh of Einstein’s Workshop:


Einstein’s Workshop is a hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) learning center based in Burlington, MA. I started Einstein’s about four years ago after realizing that there were very few opportunities for my own children to get fun but meaningful technology education.

A Place to Learn by Doing
Our mission is simple. We want to inspire kids. We want them to design and build their own things and solve their own challenges. We give kids the technical tools and skills to do for themselves, and hopefully we get them excited to want to learn more and more as they go.

We’re a place where kids can explore and learn everything from building robots; to making 3D printed cars; to programming their own video game.  Our hope is that if kids see how fun and rewarding it can be to make something for themselves, they’ll be inspired to learn the technical skills required to make that next more complicated thing – maybe this time their 3D car has interchangeable wheels, or their video game has more levels, or they’ll need to learn Java to modify their Minecraft world exactly how they want it.


A Family-Friendly Makerspace
So many great things have come out of the maker movement, but what I think is most amazing is the inclusive and supportive culture that has evolved with it. We try to capture that same sense of community and collaboration at Einstein’s Workshop in both our classes and our drop-in exploration space.  We have mentors ready to help kids and their parents learn the basics of LEGO robotics or 3D printers when they come for a drop-in, and we have teachers who help our students learn to solder, write software, or design for our laser cutter in our classes and workshops.  I love seeing what our kids create on their own and how excited they get when they solve a new challenge. Stop by our shop in Burlington and see how kid’s great ideas get turned into great things every day.

Come meet Einstein’s Workshop and so many other amazing makers at the Boston Mini Maker Faire on July 23, 2016!

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