Meet the Maker: NuVu Studio


The Boston Mini Maker Faire will welcome makers, artists, and hosts of other amazing, creative people, all of whom will share with visitors to the Faire what they make and how they make it. Meet another one of our fantastic makers this year – Rosa Weinberg of NuVu Studio:

I’m a full-time Coach and the Director of Outreach at NuVu Studio. What’s NuVu, you may ask? NuVu is an innovation school that teaches students ages 12-18 how to navigate the messiness of the creative process, from inception to completion by prototyping and testing.



Teachers at NuVu are called Coaches because we help lead students through this process. NuVu is a full-time school for middle and high school students, but we also have teacher training and a summer program. And now, we are offering a NuVu Kids (check it out here) a weekly Saturday program for ages 4-7. We are located in Cambridge, MA, right in the heart of Central Square.



Students come to NuVu for at least a trimester and some students stay longer.  For instance, Kate Reed joined NuVu four years ago as a bright and eager 14-year old ready to take part in NuVu’s studio model as a full-time student. Four years later, Kate will be graduating this June from NuVu.


It’s been a wonderful journey for Kate, and we’ve seen her grow and develop her skills, all the while pushing herself in the most creative challenges. In her 4 years at NuVu, Kate has worked on over 30 inter-disciplinary projects including: an interactive art installation titled “Bufo”, a lovable frog that responds to people’s facial expressions in real-time; the Wheelchair Hand Drive, a 3-D printed attachment that makes lever-powered wheelchairs more accessible to everyday users; and powerful animated films such as the “Deep Web” that unabashedly cover rarely discussed topics.

Kate will become our first 4-year student to graduate from NuVu. We are thrilled to see her move on to the next chapter of her life; sharing and building her skills, exploring new ideas, and creating meaningful products and experiences for people. To see Kate’s journey, click here.

Come meet NuVu Studio and so many other amazing makers at the Boston Mini Maker Faire on July 23, 2016!


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