Thank You, All!


The first Boston Mini Maker Faire is in the books, and boy, was it fun! In the shade of the tents, the hot day didn’t seem quite so hot, and the place was buzzing. Thank you to all of the Makers, visitors, staff, and volunteers. It was truly a special day!

Meet the Maker: Artisan’s Asylum

Meet another one of our fantastic makers appearing at this year’s Boston Mini Maker Faire – Derek Seabury and Artisan’s Asylum:

As the Executive Director and President of Artisan’s Asylum I am thrilled to be supporting the first ever Boston Mini Maker Faire. Artisan’s Asylum is a community workshop with the mission to promote the learning, teaching and practice of fabrication. Our 40,000 sq ft facility in Somerville, MA provides access to the tools, education, expertise and camaraderie that help people make what they imagine.

A2 - Derek in class
Derek Seabury, Artisan’s Asylum Executive Director and President, learning new woodworking skills in our Build a Bandsaw Box class.

Since I was young I have been taking things apart to see how they worked – and sometimes got them back together.  When I took a tour of Artisan’s Asylum I was enthralled by not just all there was to make and learn, but also the remarkable community supporting each other in doing so. To this day I love seeing the amazing ways people combine techniques and technologies old and new to explore and innovate.

A2 - Studio spaces
A peek into our collaborative studio spaces. Member Sarah Miller working in a shared studio space next to members NextGen Knives.

With 160 affordable studio spaces, over 300 members, and hundreds of students coming through our doors each month, the Artisan’s Asylum is abuzz with the energy of artists and makers creating.  Members’ commitment to teach and learn encourages partnerships and collaborations. The shared drive to create is the foundation of a supportive, trusting community that supports each other in work and beyond. We offer classes in everything from robotics, jewelry,  bicycle maintenance and metal casting to 3D printing, and soon neon and glass.

A2 - Charles Perrone Electronics
Member Charles Perrone working on a prototype in our Electronics & Robotics Lab.

Some of the projects that have come out of Artisan’s Asylum include Project Hexapod’s ‘Stompy’ the robot, projection art “Your Big Face” by New American Public Art and the record breaking Kickstarter 3Doodler. Our community also hosts a Speaker Series, design challenges, MASSDestruction robot competition, regular social nights and a weekly free Circuit Hacking Night open to the public.

A2 - Robot Competition
A sumo match during MASSDestruction Robot Competition between (from left) Carly Buchanan and member M@ Dunlap.

As part of our outreach efforts, we have assisted over 200 community workshops across 25 states and 6 countries through our ‘Make a Makerspace’ program. We provide consultation and insight on building successful fabrication based spaces, programs and projects that draw from the expertise and artistry already present in the community.

We are thrilled to share our love of making with so many people at the Boston Mini Maker Faire and encourage anyone to explore our space by taking a tour of our Somerville facility or learning more at

Derek Seabury
Executive Director and President
Artisan’s Asylum

Photos by member Timothea Pham

Meet the Maker: NuVu Studio


The Boston Mini Maker Faire will welcome makers, artists, and hosts of other amazing, creative people, all of whom will share with visitors to the Faire what they make and how they make it. Meet another one of our fantastic makers this year – Rosa Weinberg of NuVu Studio:

I’m a full-time Coach and the Director of Outreach at NuVu Studio. What’s NuVu, you may ask? NuVu is an innovation school that teaches students ages 12-18 how to navigate the messiness of the creative process, from inception to completion by prototyping and testing.



Teachers at NuVu are called Coaches because we help lead students through this process. NuVu is a full-time school for middle and high school students, but we also have teacher training and a summer program. And now, we are offering a NuVu Kids (check it out here) a weekly Saturday program for ages 4-7. We are located in Cambridge, MA, right in the heart of Central Square.



Students come to NuVu for at least a trimester and some students stay longer.  For instance, Kate Reed joined NuVu four years ago as a bright and eager 14-year old ready to take part in NuVu’s studio model as a full-time student. Four years later, Kate will be graduating this June from NuVu.


It’s been a wonderful journey for Kate, and we’ve seen her grow and develop her skills, all the while pushing herself in the most creative challenges. In her 4 years at NuVu, Kate has worked on over 30 inter-disciplinary projects including: an interactive art installation titled “Bufo”, a lovable frog that responds to people’s facial expressions in real-time; the Wheelchair Hand Drive, a 3-D printed attachment that makes lever-powered wheelchairs more accessible to everyday users; and powerful animated films such as the “Deep Web” that unabashedly cover rarely discussed topics.

Kate will become our first 4-year student to graduate from NuVu. We are thrilled to see her move on to the next chapter of her life; sharing and building her skills, exploring new ideas, and creating meaningful products and experiences for people. To see Kate’s journey, click here.

Come meet NuVu Studio and so many other amazing makers at the Boston Mini Maker Faire on July 23, 2016!


Meet the Maker: Einstein’s Workshop

The Boston Mini Maker Faire will welcome makers, artists, and hosts of other amazing, creative people, all of whom will share with visitors to the Faire their work and their methods. Meet one of our fantastic makers this year – Henry Houh of Einstein’s Workshop:


Einstein’s Workshop is a hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) learning center based in Burlington, MA. I started Einstein’s about four years ago after realizing that there were very few opportunities for my own children to get fun but meaningful technology education.

A Place to Learn by Doing
Our mission is simple. We want to inspire kids. We want them to design and build their own things and solve their own challenges. We give kids the technical tools and skills to do for themselves, and hopefully we get them excited to want to learn more and more as they go.

We’re a place where kids can explore and learn everything from building robots; to making 3D printed cars; to programming their own video game.  Our hope is that if kids see how fun and rewarding it can be to make something for themselves, they’ll be inspired to learn the technical skills required to make that next more complicated thing – maybe this time their 3D car has interchangeable wheels, or their video game has more levels, or they’ll need to learn Java to modify their Minecraft world exactly how they want it.


A Family-Friendly Makerspace
So many great things have come out of the maker movement, but what I think is most amazing is the inclusive and supportive culture that has evolved with it. We try to capture that same sense of community and collaboration at Einstein’s Workshop in both our classes and our drop-in exploration space.  We have mentors ready to help kids and their parents learn the basics of LEGO robotics or 3D printers when they come for a drop-in, and we have teachers who help our students learn to solder, write software, or design for our laser cutter in our classes and workshops.  I love seeing what our kids create on their own and how excited they get when they solve a new challenge. Stop by our shop in Burlington and see how kid’s great ideas get turned into great things every day.

Come meet Einstein’s Workshop and so many other amazing makers at the Boston Mini Maker Faire on July 23, 2016!

Only 2 weeks left for our Call for Makers!


We have an amazing group of makers signed up so far, but you know what’s missing? You. We’re still looking for a few more creative makers like you to share your brilliance at the Boston Mini Maker Faire. Click the link above to apply today, and visit the “Makers” tab on this site for more information. We can’t wait to see you at the Faire!