Thank You, All!


The first Boston Mini Maker Faire is in the books, and boy, was it fun! In the shade of the tents, the hot day didn’t seem quite so hot, and the place was buzzing. Thank you to all of the Makers, visitors, staff, and volunteers. It was truly a special day!

Making Around The World: Ugoita’s Dancing Paper

Watch as the cranes dance with synchronized moves, powered by a beautifully-made electromagnetic box that acts as their stage by artist Ugoita:

Meet the Maker:ChartaCloud and Softbank Robotics Americas

Chartacloud and Softbank Robotics Americas have released some wonderful robots, including NAO.  NAO can work as an assistant in an office space as well as be a fun playmate for children!  Come make friends with their robots at Boston Mini Maker Faire!

To see more about our feature guest click here

Meet the Maker: New England R2 Builders

Check out who will be joining us for #BostonMakes2016 . This little droid will be joining the New England R2 Builders on the 23rd. Find out how this group designs and builds life-sized replica droids just like the ones feature in the famous Star Wars Saga!