Meet The Makers: Boston Local Museums

Come check out what some of our local museums have in store for Boston Mini Maker Faire.

Featuring Boston Museum of Science’s Computer Clubhouse and TechStudio; Design Museum Boston & BSA’s Extraordinary Playscapes; and Boston Children’s Museum String Art, Yarn Bomb, and Tinker Tots!


3 Days And Counting Down!

We are counting down to Boston’s First Mini Maker Faire! Photo courtesy of featured guest: @JumpSmartLLC

JumpSmart creates interactive STEM education products for kids ages 8-12. Coding is an important skill to have for the jobs of our future, and early exposure accelerates learning how to think logically to master more advanced concepts. Coding physical objects makes the process more tangible and hands-on for kids.


Our first product is the JumpSmart Mat, which kids can code using a block programming language to create games and designs that require physical activity. From electronic tic tac toe to simon says, from intricate puzzles to beautiful interactive patterns, the sky is the limit for what kids can create on the JumpSmart Mat!

To find out more about JumpSmart, check out their site at



Meet the Maker: {string&&loop}

Meet {string&&loop}, today’s featured maker guest. Did you ever think that knitting and coding could be combined to create one of a kind generated socks? Well this maker has found a way! Crossing between physical and digital practices, computer programed patterns are converted from pixel to stitch and knit into socks by an American manufacturer. Come see how this maker works this weekend and Boston Mini Maker Faire!